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Satellites can be knocked out of position in a storm

If you need an experienced contractor to solve the issues with your Satellite reception please call Wales & West.


We also install cable and Satellite TV throughout the Swansea area so you can receive the optimum picture on your TV. This includes setting up ports in multiple rooms and replacing the aerial reception points in your home.


When you are paying large subscription fees to Sky, BT or Virgin, you might as well make sure you're getting the most from your package. Call Wales & West for perfect reception signals.

Our main Satellite services include:

Our team are happy to offer advice over the phone as well as free quotes on satellite installations and repairs.


Are you getting Freesat?

We can provide you with a Freesat box (if not already in your TV) and a Satellite dish, this will provide you with over 200 Satellite channels. If you would like more information or would like Freesat installed, please contact us for a free quote and call out.

Satellite services:

• Satellite repairs and maintenance

 including storm damage repairs

• Satellite dish re-alignment

• Freeview sold and installed for

 non-Freeview areas

Free call-out to answer your problems

Our engineers travel to our customers across South and West Wales. Please contact us to see if you can benefit from our free call out service.

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Satellite installation throughout

Swansea and Llanelli

Make the most of your Sky and cable subscriptions.

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